The Animals of the Brazos River

If you love animals, a boat ride with Waco River Safari can give you a look at some of the most fabulous animals that live on and in the Brazos River.  Whether you are driving through Waco, or you are a long-term resident, consider a riverboat tour to explore the sights of the river that you can only see from a boat.


The animals that you may see on the banks of the Brazos river are deer, rabbits, possums, prairie dogs, and rodents.  While most of them scurry off once they see people, occasionally, we will get a look at a curious creature that wants to know what’s happening on the riverboat!


There are many species of fish that live in the Brazos River.  Not all species are native; some were introduced to the river for several reasons.  You may see several types of bass, catfish, minnows, carp, and crappie in the river

Reptiles on the Brazos

Reptiles are loved by most people who see them from the riverboats.  See snakes and turtles along the river!  Bring the kids and see if you can point out snakes as we cruise along the banks of the river.


There are many types of birds along the river.  Bring your bird books and identify cranes, sparrows, woodpeckers, sandpipers, bald eagles, blue herons, and many other types of birds.  Some of these birds are migratory, while others are here to view all year long!

Along with animals, there is a beautiful river habitat that does feel like a safari out in the middle of nowhere at some points, even though we leave and return in a city.  Enjoy nature at it’s best during a river cruise.  Consider a cruise as a wonderful way to grab a moment with a friend or even stop for a few hours and stretch your legs on a riverboat from a break from driving during a long trip.

Consider Waco River Safari for an economical river cruise and to explore all the animals of the Brazos River!

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