Summer Fun on a River Cruise in Waco, TX

Waco Tours | Brazos River |Family FunIf you are traveling through Texas and want to stop in Waco to stretch your legs, try going on a river cruise for some budget-friendly fun for the whole family.  The hot weather can make anyone want to stay inside during the summer months, but Waco River Safari offers cruises in the mornings and evenings for people who love being outdoors without the sun during the heat of the day.

  • Evening cruises can be a wonderful way for your whole family to enjoy cool breezes, witness nature, and have good conversations. One of the best ways to experience everything the Brazos River has to offer is a cruise in the evenings.  Watch animals on the banks of the river and enjoy the sights and sounds of Waco as we cruise along the waterway.
  • A morning cruise is great for people coming to visit, and they want to stay cool in the summer months. Morning cruises are also convenient if you have space in your itinerary that isn’t in the evening.  As your schedule fills up, you can still count on having a nature trip on the water before lunch.  Don’t forget the sunscreen and summer hats!
  • A romantic evening cruise without the kids can be short enough to make bedtime still but long enough to have a break from the chaos of traveling.  If you are in Waco longer than a few days, take the kids on one cruise during the day and enjoy your own in the evening!  Let our Captain know if you plan to propose or you have an anniversary surprise planned.
  • Dinner cruises can help you relax in the evening because you won’t have to cook or clean up! Give yourself a treat and take a cruise during dinner to enjoy the sights and get everyone involved in a family adventure.

Spending time in Waco, TX, is always a fun time in the summer, especially if you get to enjoy the Brazos River!  Whether you are just passing through or you live in Waco, there is a cruise that can satisfy any budget this summer.

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