How to Plan the Perfect Proposal on a Sunset Cruise

Waco, TX Marriage ProposalYou’ve been thinking about popping the question for some time now, you just don’t know how to do it. You don’t want to just ask her to marry you. You want it to happen somewhere breathtaking and romantic, so it’s a story you can both tell for years to come. Here’s how to propose on the 2.5-hour sunset dinner cruise from Waco River Safari.

Find the Ring

We can provide the perfect atmosphere for the proposal, but if you want her to say yes, come prepared to put a ring on it. If you’re nervous about losing track of it during the cruise or forgetting to bring it along, talk to the captain ahead of time and he can show you where to safely stow it.

Choose a Meaningful Date

The holidays are approaching, and one of the nice things about living in Texas is that there probably won’t be a blizzard. Consider proposing on a special day close to Christmas, when the already romantic cruise is even more special because we often see homes along the river banks decorated for the season.

Plan Your Proposal

You’re probably going to be anxious, so it doesn’t hurt to plan what you’re going to say ahead of time. Make it brief so you’re not worried about remembering a speech, but prepare a few words so you won’t be completely tongue-tied. Think about if you want to get down on one knee or if you’d rather just hold her hand and look into her eyes.

Invite Her on a Dinner Cruise

If she knows you’re going to spend a special evening together, she’ll probably wear clothes she doesn’t mind showing in photos after she says yes. Then all you have to do is show up. We’ll take you for a cruise of the Brazos and serve dinner along the way. Consider proposing when we stop at Lover’s Leap and watch the sunset.

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