How to Have the Most Fun on a Riverboat Tour in Waco

If you decide to spend part of your day visiting Waco on a riverboat tour with Waco River Safari, then some tips will help you maximize the fun you’ll have on your trip. 

  1. Bring your own beer for the dinner tour.  The Sunset Cruise with dinner is casual with hamburgers and chips.  If you want water and soda, then that is available on the cruise as well.
  2. Don’t forget your professional camera if you have one!  Smartphones are great, but if you have a camera that has high-speed capabilities you can get shots that are amazing on the Brazos River.
  3. Some people still need sunscreen even though the cruise is shaded.
  4. Study some of the animals of the Brazos River before attending the Kids Tour.  Knowing about the animals is great way to get children excited about spotting animals along the way.
  5. If you have a large group, call us ahead of time to make sure you get the best rate, and we have plenty of space for your larger groups. 
  6. Our last day to operate during the fall is October 31st!  Get your reservations in for this fall or start one for March. 
  7. Bring things that make smaller children comfortable if they have a fear of the water or don’t like being on the moving boat.  A favorite toy or a blanket may help them adjust to not being on stable land. 
  8. Consider bringing a jacket for the evening and morning tours.  You never know when we will get cooler weather during the fall months.  It may even rain!
  9. You will see magnificent animals along the way, be sure to have your camera ready along the trip.  If we spot them first, we tend to point them out so everyone can get a chance to take a picture.
  10. Come dressed comfortably.  Even when it is shaded, sometimes it is still hot in the fall months.  Dress comfortably so that you can stay cool and relax during the trip.

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