5 Things You’ll Love About the Waco River Safari

For families local to and visiting Waco – this spring activity has something for everyone! From
nature views to refreshing treats, you won’t be disappointed. Waco is a big little town that has
garnered much more media attention over the years, but one of its best -kept secrets is the Waco
River Safari. There’s so much to enjoy, and a fun, engaging element of the ride for all ages. Here
are five things you’ll love about the experience.

  • One: The Wildlife
    After all, what is a safari without wildlife? Throughout the journey, you’ll witness beavers,
    herons, deer, turtles, osprey, and even more Texan creatures. Take a moment to see the
    incredible wildlife on parts of the river untouched by development.
  • Two: The History
    Learn about the history of the Native American tribe, the Huaco, and how the Brazos river
    shaped much of the history of Texas. With 840 miles of beautiful river running across our great
    state before flowing out into the Gulf, this river has many stories to tell. The scenery is
    practically unchanged and it’s easy to imagine that you’re back in time watching history unfold
    before your eyes.
  • Three: The Refreshments
    Dr. Pepper, and Pokey O cookies are Texas staples. We provide both on board, in addition to
    plenty of bottled water. You won’t feel parched on famished during the exciting journey. Pokey
    O’s delicious cookies have been a Texas delicacy for over a decade since the first store opened in
    Dallas. You’ll definitely want to try one (or two)!
  • Four: BYOB
    This one’s for the grown ups! If you’re feeling thirsty for something a little stronger than Dr.
    Pepper, feel free to bring your own adult beverage and enjoy responsibly. A cold beer on the
    river – what could be better?
  • Five: “Go” Onboard
    Don’t go overboard, go onboard – we have a bathroom. No need to hold it until we get to shore. Drink up and hydrate – we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about the Waco River Safari today. This unique experience offers a great day for
passengers of all ages. With nearly 800 positive reviews on Trip Advisor, this is a don’t-miss
Waco experience.

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