1. Where is the boarding location?

We pick up on the river at Mclane Stadium 1001 MLK BLVD Waco TX 76704. Turn right into Gate 1 then turn left and drive to parking lot 3. Then drive to river and you will see the boat docks.

  1. Is dinner served on the Sunset Cruise?

Yes, but its optional.  Dinner is burgers and fries from Bubbas 33


  1. How many people does the boat hold?

We have 2 boats. Small one hold 16, big one holds 40.


  1. What are your hours?

We run daily from March 1st to October 31st. Typically, we offer a morning cruise and a sunset cruise.


  1. Can we bring our own snacks and drinks?

Yes, and its BYOB. The Captain provides Water, Dr. Pepper and Pokey O cookies. The morning tour no cookies but captain provides coffee.


  1. Is there a bathroom on board?



  1. How long is the tour?

All tours are 2 hours sometimes we run 15 min. over. Just to clarify this is not a 3-hour tour. Cue the theme song.


  1. Wheel chair accessible?

I would say yes if the customer is able to stand up on the boat. Were working on a ramp so hang tight.

  1. What if it rains?

If there is rain in the forecast then the Captain will keep you up to date the day of.  If we do get rain FULL REFUND!