Book a Tour at Waco River Safari for Your Next Event

Waco River Safari offers an unforgettable experience on the water. These two-hour long trips include a complete river tour of Waco, showing off everything from the architecture to the local wildlife. With a canopy to keep away the elements, an onboard restroom, provided drinks, an informative captain, and a fun atmosphere, the River Safari is a must-do activity when traveling to Waco to see the best of the area.


Scenic and Historical Tour


When you go on a Waco River Safari, you aren’t just getting a chance to relax while traveling along the water. As you go through the historical tour, you get to learn the rich history of Waco. Enjoy the picturesque journey while hearing tales of Waco dating back to the Brazos and see what traces of their influence remain today.


After you’ve gotten your fair share of Waco’s history, sit back and enjoy the beautiful and scenic views. Get ready to catch sight of turtles, blue herons, raccoons, and many more animals in their natural habitat. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beautiful sights on film.


Birthday Parties


Want to celebrate your special day on the river? Then climb aboard! This tour option gives use of the boat for a birthday party to remember. Set up your party plan and let Waco River Tours take care of the rest. The in-boat speaker system allows you to play your requests or our kid-friendly playlists.


Besides hearing Happy Birthday and opening presents, the lucky celebrant will be able to take the helm and drive the boat. For kid-centric events, children can participate in a scavenger hunt game to find items along the river!


Private Parties


Want to host a unique private event? Then book the boat for yourself. These tours include our regular route through the Brazos River. Bring your own food and have the ultimate celebration. Up to 20 guests can come along for the ride.


Whether you want to explore Waco’s rich history or to have a special event unlike any other, Waco River Safari is the way to go. Book your trip today!

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